Cheap laptop for editing video in India: Best laptop for editing videos in India 2016 – cheapest video editing laptop India 2016

Top cheap laptops for editing videos in India in 2016 – cheapest laptop for editing video

A good laptop for video editing should have a dedicated graphics card, powerful processor and lots of storage

While there are a ton of cheap windows laptops in India, it is very hard to find a nice cheap laptop for editing videos. However we laptop experts can help you find one without breaking your budget. When you are out for buying a laptop for doing video editing, keep these things in mind. See if it has a dedicated graphics card. A lot of video editing apps work smoothly if the graphics-related load is taken by the dedicated GPU and rest of the processing is handled by the graphics card.

That however does not mean you should go for the cheapest laptop with graphics card. There are other things to look into as well. Also the cheapest one might have the low powered discrete GPU and that would not do any good for you. It should be powerful enough to process to HD and full HD video swiftly.

Second thing to keep in mind when buying a video editing laptop in India is storage capacity. Video gobble up space on the hard disks like there is no tomorrow. While SSDs work wonders in speeding up the loading and writing times, laptops with SSD in India don’t come cheap unless you are buying those low end cheap netbook laptops that come with eMMC flash storage. So stick to the traditional hard disks and go for the ones with 1TB which is 1000GB of storage.

Third thing is processor. While most of the graphics and video-related load is taken by the graphics card, a lot of processing is still done by the processor, so have a good and powerful processor is very important when buying a cheap laptop for doing video editing in India. No need to fret as we have already short listed best laptops for editing videos which you can buy online safely.

Dell 3541

Dell 3541 costs mere 18490 and comes with Linux onboard but you can easily install windows 8.1 or windows 10 on it. Manufacture is doing to cut the costs and offer it to consumer at lowered price. It is a very capable laptop for doing video editing.
Dell Inspiron 3541

* 1.8 GHz with Turbo Boost upto 2.4 GHz AMD A6-6310 Processor
* 4GB RAM + 500GB Hard Drive
* 15.6-inch HD LED Display with HD resolution
* Discrete AMD Radeon R4 Graphics

Lenovo G50-80 80E502Q3IH

Lenovo G50-80 comes with latest i3 processor, AMD’s Exo Pro R5 M330 2GB Graphics which when coupled with 1TB hard disk space gives you an excellent laptop for video editing.
Lenovo G50-80

* 2GHz Intel Core i3 5005U processor
* 1TB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
* 15.6-inch screen, ATI Exo Pro R5 M330 2GB Graphics

Dell 15R 5559

This is the best laptop for video editing in India. Sporting the latest generation Intel i7 processor, the Acer Aspire features AMD R5 M335 dedicated graphic card for best possible visuals and gaming experience. The screen packs full HD resolution to let you pack more toolbars and see more content on the screen at glance. The screen is also touch-sensitive and lets you interact with screen using your fingers. There is whopping 16GB RAM onboard and 1000GB hard disk storage. It has some nifty features like backlit keyboard to let you type in dim lightening conditions. So if you are looking for uncompromising video editing experience, this is the laptop to get.
Dell 15R 5559

* 15.6″ full HD screen with touchpanel
* Intel 6th Gen Intel Core i7-6500U processor
* AMD R5 M335 dedicated GPU
* 4GB RAM, 1000GB HDD, backlit keyboard

Dell Inspiron 3543

Dell Inspiron 3543 packs an i5 processor and very powerful Nvidia GeForce 820M for ultimate video editing experience.
Dell Inspiron 3543

* 2.7GHz Intel Core i5 5200U processor
* 500GB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
* 15.6-inch screen, NVIDIA GeForce 820M 2GB Graphics
* Windows 8.1 operating system

Asus X541UV-XO029D

Asus X541UV has the most superior specs out of all the laptops for video editing. It comes with latest i5 processor, 1TB (1000GB) hard disk storage and 2GB dedicated graphics card from Nvidia.
Asus X541UV-XO029D

* 2.3GHz Intel Core i5-6198DU processor
* 1TB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
* 15.6-inch screen, Nvidia GeForce 920MX 2GB Graphics

HP 15-ab125AX

HP 15-ab125AX packs quad core, top of the line AMD A10 processor and features a professional, attractive chassis. It comes with whopping 8GB RAM, 1TB hard disk drive and runs windows 10 operating system.
HP 15-ab125AX

* AMD A10 8700P processor
* A8GB DDR3 RAM + 1TB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
* 15.6-inch screen, AMD Radeon R7 Series M360 2GB Graphics
* Windows 10, 64Bit operating system
* Weight: 2.29 kilograms

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Cheap laptop for editing video in India: Best laptop for editing videos in India 2016 – cheapest video editing laptop India 2016 dollar price bracket.