HP OMEN 15 Laptop Review – A Complete and Honest Review is Out!!

After using my OMEN 15 laptop for a month, I decided to share my experience with you through this article. Let us jump into the HP OMEN 15 Laptop review.

HP OMEN 15 Laptop Review 2021

As the article includes the HP OMEN 15 Laptop review based on my own experience. So, there is no need to guess about the other side. The legitimate review starts here.

Specifications of the HP OMEN 15

The HP OMEN 15 Laptop comes with a Windows 10 Home screen, a 15.6-inch display used to lay flat with a 180-degree articulation in real-time. You can choose an option of the AMOLED panel with 4K UDH resolution and the IPS panel. 

The IPS panel offers full HD display resolution and also a refresh rate of about 300 Hz. The brand HP allows you to select even up to the 10th generation Intel i7 series and processors with 6 cores. Moreover, you can also select AMD Ryzen 7 H series to boost the power on the laptop.

The most favorite part of my HP OMEN 15 laptop is free to choose up to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super with the trending Max Q design. 

HP says that the laptop has OMEN Tempest Cooling technology with the IR thermopile sensor. I am very proud to say that I have the first gaming laptop, OMEN 15, which comes with this thermopile sensor.

Further, the HP OMEN offers 1 TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD with 32 GB of storage and contains DDR4 RAM. It is enormous for my personal use. While speaking about other features, it includes a dedicated SD card reader, 720p webcam, trackpad, RGB backlit keyboard, and I loved the colorful keyboard on my laptop. 

The HP OMEN 15 laptop consists of Wi-Fi with up to 70.9 Wh battery capacity. I had a USB type C port with USB 3.1 generation, a mini display port, an HDMI port, a 3.5 mm audio jack, an SD card reader slot, and RJ 45 port in my OMEN laptop.

Additionally, the company is providing a laptop with two color options like Mica silver and Shadow black. I have purchased a Shadow black color device. The OMEN 15 starts from Rs 79,999 and the AMD version ranges from Rs 75,999.

Design of the OMEN HP Laptop

The company says that they provided a minimalist design in the HP OMEN 15 laptop. It comes with aluminum finished palm rest, and the outer design contains a clean and average muted design. The device has a diamond logo on the top face.

HP Omen 15-ce072tx 2017 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (7th Gen Intel i7 Processor/16GB/1TB/Windows 10/NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti 4GB Graphics), Shadow Black

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The 3 sided micro-edge display enhances the modern look of the laptop. The plain look at the top and around the keyboard area makes it stylish for professionals. The aluminum finish around the keyboards and the bottom area provides a high-quality design. The machine weighs about 2.36 kg which is slightly heavy, and it is worth moving the trackpad to the left side.

Keyboard and Trackpad Of HP OMEN 15 Laptop

The OMEN 15 device comes with a for zone RGB keyboard, and it actually has three different RGB zones. You can control the lighting from the OMEN command center software. You can set the LEDs’ color, and it is nice to see the lighting effects.

The machine offers a trackpad with precision drivers. There is a large matte trackpad with nice gestures, and it makes you navigate easily.

Speakers and webcam Of HP OMEN 15 Laptop

The device’s audio quality is good, but I love to choose a pair of earphones, especially during gaming. By doing this, you can easily escape from the noise around you and enjoy the powerful gaming experience. Personally, the webcam is of average quality, and I use my smartphone for making video calls. 

Performance Of HP OMEN 15 Laptop

My HP OMEN 15 supports 300 units of brightness which provides a mind-blowing view of the screen’s pictures. In short, the laptop is awesome for this price range, and I did not face any issues till now. My favorite about the device is the redesigned chassis that cools down the CPU and GPU.

  • Suitable for daily use

I did not notice any issues while using the laptop for my regular and day-to-day professional tasks. Moreover, my work consists of web browsing, editing, music, writing, watching videos on Youtube, Netflix, etc. 

There are no stutters, laggings, or freezing, and any other problems while doing the above activities. The laptop helps me handle 20 to 25 tabs at any given time, and I also use Adobe Photoshop, video editing, and encoding software.

  • Best for Gaming performance

I had played Wolfenstein, The New Colossus, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Far Cry New Dawn. The gaming speed and experience were superb, and I did not change any settings to know about the laptop features. You can also make use of the OMEN Command Center to toggle the fan speed.

HP Omen 15 Laptop Review

Finally, about gaming, it offers decent performance for anyone who plays games on their machine. The best part is the thermal room which cools down the laptop while playing games. The CPU did not get that much heat even if you play games.

  • Good Thermal performance

The biggest change done to the HP OMEN 15 is the thermals and is one of the successful features for HP. I have tested the laptop at 24 to 28-degree temperatures, and even the keyboard remains cool throughout the session. The WASD keys showed 38-degree temperatures, while the keys at the center showed 44 degrees. 

The laptop’s base is as hot as to keep in lap, but the rest of the machine is cool and delightful. For this, you can set the fan curves manually to manage the thermals. 

Battery life Of HP OMEN 15 Laptop

The laptop offers a fine battery backup like the others in recent times. We have experienced a battery life of like 2 hours and minutes after playing games continuously. The HP OMEN 15 contains a small 52Whr battery. It is suitable for office work to offer battery capacity for 4 hours and 20 minutes at 75 percent brightness. 

Moreover, charging the device from 0 to 100 takes about 1.5 hours for me. However, gaming always pushes down the battery to a lesser number of hours. Honestly, you are required to carry the power brick with you all the time. The 150 W AC adapter is easy to carry, and it is compact in design.

Pros of HP OMEN 15 Laptop

Here are the Pros listed of the HP OMEN 15 Laptop review.

  • Elegant and stylish designs
  • The performance of the thermals is excellent.
  • Best laptop for gamers and content creators
  • Quality of display and the colors are well and good

Cons of HP OMEN 15 Laptop

Here are the cons listed of the HP OMEN 15 Laptop review.

  • Experienced an average quality in the lid
  • Graphics could be better for this price range.

Here comes the end of my HP OMEN 15 Laptop review. I have completely explained my experience using the laptop. The next phase will help you think more about the HP OMEN 15 laptop and proceed with the purchase whole-heartedly. 

Why should you buy the HP OMEN 15 Laptop?

From the above HP OMEN 15 Laptop review, you can find out all the laptop’s functioning nooks and corners. On the whole, it is an impressive device with a special cooling device and excels in overall performance. The device provides an option between AMD and Intel which is easy to use for me. One of the features I liked in the OMEN 15 system is it has a low-key design and functional approaches. 

The price is also reasonable, and we got what we paid for. The device is suitable for gaming purposes and other professional works. The overall system offers a good package with advanced features.

The bottom line of the HP OMEN 15 Laptop Review

From the HP OMEN Laptop review, you might conclude that the OMEN laptop is one of the best and most selling gaming laptops in 2021. This is especially well suitable for a gamer as well as for regular use. I hope this review helps to get an idea about laptop features and guides you in buying.

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